Cascina Castlèt #144

In the heart of Piedmont, on thirty hectares of land, Cascina Castlèt is located: a place where each drop of wine is a living image of a dream transformed into the successful project. Nominations 2023-2024/The Visiting Card of the Country/Must Visit/
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Dream Transformed Into the Successful Project

In the heart of Piedmont, on thirty hectares of land, Cascina Castlèt is located: a place where each drop of wine is a living image of a dream transformed into the successful project. The history of Cascina Castlèt is inextricably linked to the Borio family, which has protected and developed its own vineyards from generation to generation. Due to their hard work and faith in the potential of the land of Piedmont, today, we can enjoy the unique wines created from carefully selected grape varieties such as Barbera, Moscato, Uvalino, Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay.

Cascina Castlèt was born out of two simple ideas that have always been followed here: respect for the nature and new technologies. The up-to-date equipment is located next to ancient barrels, which allows each wine to retain its unique characteristics. It is important to mention “crouton” — a place where more than twenty thousand bottles of wines are stored; by tasting them, one will understand the taste evolution and aesthetics of the labels.

Projects Caring for the People and Nature

Cascina Castlèt is active in supporting the local community, environmental initiatives, as well as cultural and educational projects related to Piedmont’s industries. They set themselves the goal of being a winery without architectural barriers: everyone should be able to be the winery’s guest and appreciate the wines, as well as the cellar environment. All new premises have been designed, bearing in mind the needs of people with disabilities, and the website of Cascina Castlèt can be accessible by the blind individuals.

Exquisite Wines From the Sunny Hills

Cascina Castlèt wines combine commitment to tradition and innovation, experience and art. Each wine that comes out of this winery’s cellars has its own story, its own unique feature that will impress even the most demanding wine connoisseurs.

Let us start with Barbera Passum — a wine made from Barbera grapes — which has gone through a drying process that gives the drink an exquisite taste and aroma. The wine impresses with its depth and richness of taste, and may become an ideal choice for special moments in your life.

Moscato Avié is a delicate, sweet wine made from Moscato grapes grown on the sunny hills of Piedmont. With its floral-fruity aroma and delicate, pleasant sweetness, it will be the perfect accompaniment to desserts or can be simply enjoyed at any time of the day.

The legendary Uvalino is produced from the variety revived due to the winery’s research and efforts. Forgotten for generations, this wine comes back to life to delight with its unique taste and aroma. Its history is intertwined with the history of the Borio family, and each sip of this wine is a touch of the past, traditions and values.

These are just a few examples of wines that represent Cascina Castlèt, but behind each of them there is a thousand-year history, attention to detail and the ability to create a true masterpiece of winemaking. Each bottle is a piece of Piedmont, a piece of heart and soul, put into each drop.

Cascina Castlèt has joined the European project Wine in moderation, according to which wine is recommended to be consumed in moderation. No more than two glasses a day for women and three for men are recommended.

Caring for the environment is of primary value to Cascina Castlèt. It is simply the land intended for vineyards, but also a valuable ally in the cultivation of vine. The birds help controlling the population of insects that can harm the grapes, whereas roses planted next to each row once served as “the first responders” to plant diseases. Today, they remain as elements of decoration, but symbolize the owners’ devotion to nature and their desire to preserve the environment.

Thus, Cascina Castlèt is not only a winery, but also a living history that continues to evolve, touching the heart and flavor palate of everyone who is lucky enough to glimpse into this magical world of vines and exquisite wines.