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13 Ithomis str., 15341 Ag. Paraskevi
Eleni Blouchou

Bonello Athens - The Wine Project

Experts on wine marketing Bonello Athens based in Greece promotes wine culture all over the world. We focus on countries like Greece, Germany and UK in Europe, USA and Canada in the Americas along with Australia down under. 

It is our know-how that offers state of the art services on:

  • Wine Promotional Programs
  • Wine Marketing Campaigns in Greece
  • International Placement and Promotion Programs
  • Wine Tourism by designing, organising, and coordinating wine trips for wine experts or just wine lovers in countries around the world, Greece being among them
  • Wine Media (Wine Lovers web page and web radio)

Wine Lovers - web page and web radio

It’s the work of the wine experts Eleni Blouchou and Popi Wallick along with the Bonello Athens team on the wine industry of Greece and the world and it consists of a website and web radio focusing on wine, taste and oenogastronomic experiences. News, articles, suggestions, expert views, and a lot of music is the content of the web page and web radio while the Wine Lovers Radio Show is the most popular show broadcasted.

Wine Lovers Radio Show is a weekly, hourly, radio show on wine, gastronomy, and wine tourism experiences – the only one in Greece – that has more than 10 years of life in different web radios in the country while recently it started being broadcasted by the newly initiated Wine Lovers Web Radio.

Eleni Blouchou, MBA Wine Sustainability & Sales - Founder and CEO / Bonello Athens

Eleni has been working as a partner and/or founder, in different companies within the Marketing and Communications industry, for more than 30 years. She was highly involved in strategic marketing decisions on the establishment and development of various products and services in the Greek and international markets focusing on wine the last 15 years. Today she is the Head of the Marketing and Communications Division of Bonello Athens for the Greek, European, North American, Australian and China markets.

Her passion for her work, her love and her studies on wine have given Bonello Athens a Marketing & Communications Expertise on Wine. She handles the National Promotional Program on Wine for the Australian market and a part of the program for the US, Canada, and China for different groups of wineries and she consults personally selected wineries on their marketing and communications strategies. She co-hosts the ‘Wine Lovers’ radio show, at radio the only web radio and radio show in Greece on wine and she is the Secretary General of the Board of the Greek Women of Wine Association. She participates as a judge/taster in Mundus Vini Spring and Summer tastings, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and at the Thessaloniki International Wine and Spirits Competition.

She has hosted in Greece, wine experts from around the world, especially USA, Canada, France and UK presenting the different wine regions of the country in the mainland or the islands, and their respective wines focusing on indigenous varieties like Assyrtiko, Mavrotragano, Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro, Limniona etc. She is a Certified Trainer of the World of Greek Wine Program by the Greek Interprofessional Organisation of Vine and Wine (Wines of Greece).

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