Azienda BERSANO #123

Piazza Dante 21, Nizza Monferrato
+39 0141 7202254

More than a farm, more than a winery

Bersano is a family united by the devotion to the expression of wine. The historic cellars in Nizza Monferrato and the Bersano Museums convey the culture and emotion of wine in Piedmont, a land with so much to offer. Bersano cares for more than 230 hectares in the most renowned winegrowing regions of Piedmont: the hills of Monferrato and Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Exploring the diverse grape varieties

Barbera grapes come from Nizza Monferrato, an area renowned for the production of Barbera d’Asti . Nebbiolo is cultivated in Langhe, where it gives rise to the most classic and complete expression of Barolo. Brachetto and Moscato grapes ripen under the sun, along the hills of Asti and towards Acqui (Alto Monferrato), which endow the wines with extraordinary aromas and incredible freshness. While native Ruchè is cultivated in its chosen home, the hills around Castagnole Monferrato, where it was rediscovered and brought to excellence.


Quality assurance

For over a century, Bersano has been vinifying property grapes and overseeing every aspect of the supply chain, from the vineyard to the bottle. It’s a guarantee of quality and authenticity that rewards work among the vine rows.

Aging is essential as well, it is a delicate, patient and ennobling process that is carried out in large barrels and tonneaux, in accordance with tradition. Wood is the culmination of an evolutionary journey that brings each variety to its perfect dimension, a pure expression of the «voice of the vineyard».

A privileged gateway to the world of Bersano and its extraordinary cultural heritage

Guests can purchase all of Bersano’s wines as well as many typical products from Monferrato. The Wine Shop offers winery tours, which include visits to historic cellars and Bersano Museums, as well as guided tastings.

Bersano museums tribute to winemaking traditions

The Bersano Museums are a true stronghold that defends the rural culture of Piedmont: Bersano’s act of love for the world’s largest winemaking region. Visiting the Bersano Museums is a breathtaking immersion into the everyday life of those who have directly experienced wine and the countryside: a journey to age-old traditions that have inspired remarkable technical evolutions.

Built in 1961, the Museo delle Contadinerie is one of the largest Italian museums dedicated to the preservation of Piedmont’s rural culture, which was already disappearing at that time. It houses some unique pieces, such as the impressive screw presses dating back to the 18th century. The unique artifacts collected earned the museum a place on UNESCO’s list of protected sites.

Located inside the building that was once the residence of the Bersano family, the Raccolta delle Stampe Enoiche preserves more than four centuries of prints, drawings, paintings, engravings and rare books on the world of wine. An authentic House of Wonders, where one can experience wine through poetry, print, graphics and design.