A family business, where values and goals are shared year after year

The founder was Luigi Arione who, in the early 1900s, created the wine business that today, in its fourth generation, still bears his name. It’s a history of passion and experience that has been handed down from father to son for more than a century, evolving and growing with projects that are always new, in line with national and international market requirements. Arione can boast a century of wines and significant recognition, both in Italy and overseas – the mark of a strong commitment to striving towards and achieving ever-increasing quality standards. Today, the Arione wine-growing business is led by brothers Mauro and Luca Arione, administrators of the two family wineries. Arione is a family business, where values and goals are shared year after year. Reliability, quality, respect for nature, and innovation are guiding principles: only with respect for today, and thoughts turned to the future, can improve the present. Arione owns vineyards in the best land of Piedmont – Lange and Monferrato, where the highest quality wine has been produced for a long, long time. 

Precious land

There are two towns where the Arione family has its vineyards and wineries: Canelli in the province of Asti and Castiglione Tinella in the province of Cuneo. The Canelli Winery has undergone profound changes in terms of technology and innovation over the years and will soon be expanded and modernized according to a new project aimed at environmental sustainability. The second historic family vineyard is a magical place where private tours and tastings are organized with the chance to stay overnight to best discover and appreciate the wines of this wonderful land, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The appellation that is conquering the world

Arione offers a full range of Piedmont wines – whites, reds, and sparkling – produced with respect for nature: a premium endeavor with the unmistakable regional identity that makes it the flagship of Italian wine-making so highly regarded throughout the world.

Arione products have obtained over the years and continue to obtain numerous and significant awards, both nationally and internationally. CONTESSA DI CASTIGLIONE ASTI DOCG – Decanter/Bronze; MOSCATO D’ASTI DOCG – Decanter/ Bronze; ASTI DOCG EXTRA SECCO – The Global Sparkling Masters 2021/Bronze; BRUNO – Decanter/Bronze; ROERO ARNEIS DOCG RORETTO – Vinitaly International Wine award 5 STAR WINES 2021; MOSCATO D’ASTI DOCG – Vinitaly International Wine award 5 STAR WINES 2021 – and these are the awards for 2021 only!

Arione is part of the Asti and Moscato d’Asti DOCG consortium. An international success, Asti DOCG is the symbol of that Italian way of doing things that Arione, together with the Asti DOCG and Moscato d’Asti DOCG Consortium, is committed to defending, protecting, and enhancing. History and culture merge in this magical corner of profound beauty, a sacred place for the world-famous wine and culinary tradition. It is the appellation that is conquering the world as the fruit of the great Piedmont tradition in the art of still and sparkling wine production.

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