The taste of Victory: 23 best Ukrainian wineries in the new WTA Wine Guide


We are happy to present our new project: the WTA Wine Guide, and it’s no surprise that the first issue is dedicated to the amazing, victorious wines of Ukraine!

Since the beginning of full-scale russian aggression, Ukrainian winemaking has been going through rather difficult times. Some technological processes and development plans have been paused due to the war. Local wine consumption has decreased, and challenging foreign markets require stable logistics. Some wineries literally have to remove russian shells from their vineyards, some are located at the temporarily occupied territories, some lost their warehouses in russian missile attacks. But nature cannot be stopped, it has its own plan. The vines are growing. Life goes on, and so does winemaking. 

Even though one may say that there’s no point discussing tourism now that Ukraine is in the flames of war, we are optimists and believe that very soon after the Victory Ukraine will become a Mecca of tourism, and wine tourism in particular. 

So, the first issue of WTA Guide provides an exciting overview of today’s winemaking in Ukraine. Trendy new wineries, historical chateaux, craft family wineries, as well as the wineries which have been affected by the war — the new WTA Guide offers you an exciting virtual journey and new interesting discoveries. Meet  Ukrainian winemakers, the true heroes who create history, and their wines that will go down in history!

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