Connecting to Mother Nature: Ron Colon Salvadoreño Red Banana Oleo Rum

Like many of the earlier expressions from Ron Colon Salvadoreño, the Ron Colon Salvadoreño Red Banana Oleo Rum (affectionately known as #ThisRumIsBananas) was bartender – and Mother Nature – inspired.
Pepijn Janssens, the brand’s co-founder, remarks, “It’s in visiting El Salvador that we saw how banana trees are giving shade to the coffee farms. In a banana-coffee cropping system, the banana provides shade for coffee that is beneficial in reducing stresses caused by extreme temperatures and strong winds. Coffee trees grow well under moderate shade (less than 50%), which can help improve and stabilize coffee yield and quality.”
Though it was first the grand plan of Mother Nature to put these two ingredients together it took a few bartenders to improve upon this pairing, taking sustainable farming practices into the distillery and the glass with this product that honors every element of the crop at each step along the way.
Janssens shares, “The usage of the peel was the start of coming up with this product. Bartenders showed us the recycling banana peel oleo process in a perfect serve with the rum, and we fell in love. Since that day we have worked relentlessly to find a way to use the full banana to flavor our rum and stay away from using any flavor extract, making this an all-natural, organic product that just screams banana.”