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Republic of Moldova

ANTRIM, together with the strategic partner USAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project (EDGE), organized the online B2B event with the representatives of the sector to participate in that aims to present Moldova as an attractive tourist destination for the Ukrainian market.

This activity is implemented by the National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism in Moldova with the support of the Activity to Support Competitiveness in Light Industry and Tourism, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Association of Hospitality Industry of Ukraine (AIGU) and Ukraine International Airlines (UIA).

During the event, the presentation of wonderful wineries and guest houses were held.

Kara Gani Winery – the family business which is based on traditions and modern technologies. The story of Kara Gani is how the family of domestic winemakers grew into small producers. Gani was the name of the great-grandfather who produced the best wine in the village. The company has its own vineyards on an area of 10 hectares, which are located in a historic place, next to Trajan’s Shaft. Winery produced 10,000 bottles per year. All processes from growing and harvesting grapes are done manually. The winery receives tourists, organizes tastings with the national folklore and Gagauz cuisine, and excursions to a family museum.

The tradition continued in the fifth generation and transformed into a small modern winery.

Ethno-tourist complex “GAGAUZ SOFRASI” – this village will introduce you to the traditions, culture and Gagauz cuisine. The outstanding place here is a “GAGAUZ MAAZASI” wine cellar, where the unique wine dispenser is located. Here 8 different wines could be tasted. Guests can also participate in the master classes, where get a chance to cook various dishes from old recipes and Gagauz touching the national traditions.

You also can stay at an exclusive small hotel with 10 rooms. 4 of them are traditional guest houses with elements of Gagauz décor which were built according to ancient technologies.

At Milestii Mici wine complex the world’s largest wine collection is located. The wines created by famous Moldavian winemakers for half a century are stored here. Number of bottles exceeds 2 million bottles. This is the largest collection of world wines which was noted in the Guinness Book of Records in 2005. If you are a person who wants to immerse yourself in the gastronomic adventure of local Moldovan cuisine, then Milestii Mici is the perfect choice. After getting acquainted with the underground beauties, guests are invited to the luxurious tasting rooms, at a depth of 60 meters, the wineries delight visitors with a cozy atmosphere, pleasant cuisine and good music. Enjoying the wines of Milestii Mici, which are perfectly combined with gourmet dishes, you can reach the top of gastronomic pleasure.