Sustainable Wine Tourism: read the book and join the webinar!


Gergely Szolnoki is a professor of Market Research at Geisenheim University (Germany) and honorary professor of Wine and Beverage Management & Marketing at the University of West Attica (Greece), Judge of the international Wine Travel Awards. In co-authorship with Raul Compes Lopez, Professor of Agricultural Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Gergely Szolnoki published the book “Innovative and sustainable wine tourism – national and international successful models”. The work is published in two languages – English and Spanish.

The book “Innovative and sustainable wine tourism – national and international successful models” consists of four sections: Strategic Aspects of Wine Tourism, Wine Tourism in Spain, Wine Tourism in the Main Countries of the Old World, Wine Tourism in the Main Countries of the New World. Each section is a separate in-depth study. The first part of the book introduces the strategic aspects of wine tourism, various business models. In the second part, the authors present case studies of wine tourism in different regions of Spain. The last two are devoted to the practice of wine tourism in the Old and New Worlds and innovative initiatives.

The publication will be an indispensable guide for those who are discovering wine tourism from a business perspective, a guide for those who are going to conquer wine routes from Germany to Australia, from France to Japan, as well as theoretical support for those who are not yet on the “wine trails”, but fascinated by the theme of wine, its production, tastings.

Apart from the written book, together with his colleagues from Geisenheim University and from Sweden, Gergely Szolnoki conducted a study entitled “Sustainable Wine Tourism – Findings of a global survey”. The aim of the study was to better understand the importance of sustainability in global wine tourism.

Data began to be collected in November 2021. In total, more than 1,500 wineries took part. “As the pandemic gradually recedes, other issues become the focus of wine tourism. Sustainable development is one of such topics,” say the project organizers.

The scholars will present the results of the research at a LinkedIn webinar to be held on January 25, 2022, at 4 PM (CET). Speakers will be Gergely Szolnoki and Niklas Ridoff, CEO at

You can register and join the event here.