Sommelier School “Master Class”. From an amateur to a chief


We present our long-term partners, members of the WTA Advisory Board – the founders of the All-Ukrainian Association of Winemakers and Sommeliers, as well as the first in Ukraine Sommelier School “Master Class” by Natalia and Nikolay Blagopoluchny. Natalia and Nikolay have more than 20 years of teaching experience; all these years, they have been also studying the endless world of wine. They always travel to various wine regions of the world for the purpose of gathering their collection of soils from different regions of the world, unique terroirs, as well as an enoteca of rare wines, a library of rare books, and certainly, for the purpose of gaining the precious knowledge.

In the process of studying at the “Master-class” school, Natalia and Nikolay take their students along the wine roads of the world, and not only in theory, but in practice, too. The school has organized hundreds of wine tours to outstanding wineries in various countries, to wine exhibitions, and conferences. The training course results in defending diplomas by the school’s students. Sometimes these works represent unique studies of the wine-growing regions of the world and the wineries themselves, supported by the knowledge gained during travels.

In addition, Natalia and Nikolay Blagopoluchny are organizers of the All-Ukrainian tasting competition “Variety and Terroir. Micro-winemaking “, the purpose of which is to study the potential of Ukraine in terms of winemaking and wine tourism, to discover unique places, varieties, and new names among winemakers. Taking into account such valuable contribution, we are sure that over time, the names of this married couple of enthusiasts, who have brought up such a great number of strong professionals: sommeliers, winemakers, guides and other experts in the field of wine, will make a record in the Ukrainian wine chronicles.