WTA Guide – Ukraine: Vintage 2022. The wines of Victory


Wine Travel Awards (WTA), an optimistic wine tourism project, was founded in the year when the world was ending the pandemic. It was the same year that the full-scale russian aggression in Ukraine began. Our unbreakable optimism is the reason why this issue is dedicated to Ukraine. One may say that there’s no point discussing tourism at the moment, now that Ukraine is in the flames of war. But very soon, after the Victory, that will definitely happen, Ukraine will become a Mecca of tourism, wine tourism in particular. Despite the war, the Sea of Wine project, a collaboration implementation of the Black Sea region countries which helps to discover the wine routes, has been completed, and Ukraine is part of this project. So, this issue of WTA Guide provides an exciting overview of today’s winemaking in Ukraine, of Ukrainian winemakers, the true heroes who create history, and their wines that will go down in history.

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