Canelli Officially Designated as “DOCG” by European Commission


Being the cradle of the renowned Asti DOCG and the UNESCO Heritage “Underground Cathedrals,” both WTA 2022-2023 nominees from our dearest partners and sponsors Consorzio dell’Asti DOCG and public vote winners in Region of the Year and Art & History Object categories accordingly, Canelli has reached a significant milestone. The Journal of the European Union has officially recognized Canelli’s status as a protected designation of origin (DOCG) in accordance with the European Commission’s regulation (2023/1327). This official recognition applies exclusively to grapes cultivated from Moscato Bianco vines found within the 17 municipalities surrounding the Canelli sub-area, a region that bridges the Langhe and Monferrato.

For Flavio Giacomo Scagliola, Vice President of Consorzio dell’Asti DOCG, this accolade holds immense significance: “It is a fundamental element for the socio-economic growth of an area increasingly suited to wine tourism. The next step of the process involves the assignment of the monitoring organization, which will therefore soon see Consorzio dell’Asti protect Canelli DOCG together with Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti DOCG.”

Emerging as an area with boundless potential, Asti DOCG currently boasts a production of over 100 million bottles. Notably, Canelli holds a rich history, with the inception of the first Spumante Metodo Classico dating back to 1865, pioneered by Carlo Gancia, the visionary behind Asti Spumante. Embodying aromatic sweetness, delicate effervescence, and low alcohol content, the esteemed cru Canelli DOCG will be introduced to the market as Riserva after maturing and refining for a minimum of 30 months.

This regulatory acknowledgement reaffirms Canelli’s standing as a prime location for exceptional viticulture in Piedmont, solidifying its position as a distinguished “DOCG” label within the wine world.