Austrian digital wine atlas expands, reaching 5000 Rieds


Wine Travel Awards is proud to partner with Austrian Wine, a marketing board dedicated to promoting the exquisite wines of Austria. In the public voting of the Wine and Travel Awards, Austria emerged triumphant in The Visiting Card of the Country/Region of the Year category, while the Austrian Wine Academy secured the top spot in the Education in Enotourism/Unique Program category, Schloss Esterházy’s earned the title in the Education in Enotourism/Cultural Mission category, and VieVinum has become the ultimate winner in the Enogastronomic Events/Magnet of the Region category.

Back in 2021, Austrian Wine unveiled the world’s first and only digital wine atlas covering an entire wine-producing country., an innovative online tool, opens up a world of exploration, offering in-depth insights into the origins and flavours of Austria’s renowned wines. Despite the platform’s instant success, the efforts to improve and enhance it have never ceased. With the recent legal definition of Rieds in Steiermark (Styria), the platform now boasts almost 5,000 digitally accessible single vineyards!

For those eager to delve into the distinctive characteristics of Austrian Rieds (Austrian term for a single vineyard, or “cru”), serves as an indispensable resource. This dynamic digital wine atlas has been created in partnership with the University of Vienna.

CEO of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, Chris Yorke, proudly describes as the go-to destination for wine aficionados seeking every intricate detail about the origins of their favourite Austrian wines. The comprehensive platform presents comprehensive information about each Ried, including sunshine hours, average temperature, precipitation, gradient, elevation, and the types of grape varieties grown in each vineyard. Moreover, it encompasses detailed insights into every wine-growing village and region, truly making it an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind digital wine atlas. stands as a testament to Austria’s pioneering spirit and innovation in the world of wine production. Yet, Austrian Wine remains dedicated to continuous improvement and development. Yorke reveals that they are actively working to include even more detailed geological information in the future, further enriching the already exceptional experience for wine enthusiasts. Cheers to the blend of tradition and innovation that continues to place Austria at the forefront of the wine industry!