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Contrada Reni, sn 74024 Manduria (Taranto) - Italy
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First steps of the Gianfranco Fino winary

The company Gianfranco Fino was founded in 2004, the story began with the purchase of a small bush Primitivo vineyard with an area of 1.3 hectares. The first main goal of the winery was to produce wines with a strong territorial identity, and has soon been achieved thanks to the persistence of a young winegrower who loves to define himself as “craftsman of the vines”.

Honoring traditions and embracing innovations

Each stage of wine creation is carefully thought out, Gianfranco Fino has rightfully entered the range of those winegrowers tied to traditions whishing to save old vineyards and keep their features alive.
The vines mainly trained with small bush pugliese system and grow on limestone-clayey red soil and caressed by the breeze coming from Ionian sea and the warm Apulian sun. Typicity and innovation are the core values that the winery achieves by adopting traditional growing techniques along with modern production processes.

A journey from the vineyard to the cellar

Work in the vineyard is carefull and all operations are manual. Harvest is carried out at first light the selected bunches are manually harvested in cases and located in refrigerator trucks for the transport to the cellar.

Destemming starts only in the afternoon when grapes have reached the right temperature. The wines are aging for a minimum of nine months in 228-liter French oak barriques, showcase the rich flavors and nuances of Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes sourced exclusively from the estate’s own vineyards.


Gianfranco Fino’s wines are exclusively made from Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes coming from owned vineyards. The production is declined into 5 red wines and a traditional method rosé sparkling wine. From the bold ES Salento Primitivo IGT to the rich JO Salento Negroamaro IGT and the elegant SÉ Salento Primitivo IGT, each wine tells a unique story of terroir and tradition. The ES più Sole Salento Sweet Primitivo IGT offers a sweet indulgence, while the sparkling SN Rosé from Negroamaro grapes adds a touch of effervescence to the lineup.

Explore the winery and the vineyards

Visitors are welcome to make appointments in Italian or English to indulge in the unforgettable experience of exploring the vineyards and cellar at Gianfranco Fino Winery.

For those looking to immerse themselves in luxury and comfort, Gianfranco Fino offers three types of rooms to choose from:

Junior Suite: These spacious rooms feature a contemporary and elegant design, offering panoramic views of the vineyard from all directions. Each room comes with an outdoor area that provides a magnificent view of the surrounding vineyards.

SPA Suite: The highlight of this suite is the large hammam, creating a serene wellness retreat within the room. Visitors can also enjoy the outdoor area with stunning views, adding to the relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

Exclusive SPA Suite: This room also boasts a large hammam for ultimate relaxation. Additionally, guests can step outside onto a private furnished patio overlooking the vineyards, providing an exclusive and intimate setting for a truly luxurious stay.