The winery embodies the rich heritage of a family deeply rooted in the Verona region. Since 1925, they been crafting wines with unwavering passion and dedication, drawing from the expertise passed down through four generations. While honoring tradition, they eagerly embrace modern agricultural techniques, blending the best of the past with innovative practices. But the Fasoli family’s agricultural journey began in 1921, when Amadio Fasoli chose to focus on viticulture in the picturesque Illasi Valley, east of Verona. Taking personal care, Amadio delivered his wines to the finest local establishments, transporting them by horse and cart. In 1925, the company was formally established with the issuance of its first sales invoice to the parish priest. Led by Gino Fasoli, the second generation expanded the vineyard area and wine production, aiming to establish their wines throughout Verona. However, Gino’s allergy to chemicals in 1979 led the third generation to make a bold move: transitioning to organic farming.

The Leading the Biodynamic Movement in the Region

Amadio and Natalino Fasoli initiated organic viticulture in the 1980s, showcasing their steadfast dedication to preserving their terroir and the well-being of those within it by eschewing chemical products. Fasoli Gino stands as the sole biodynamic winery in the region, pioneering this approach for over a decade. Today, the fourth generation builds upon the family’s accumulated knowledge. Since 1984, Fasoli Gino has upheld organic winemaking and viticulture principles, eschewing chemicals – a testament to honoring tradition and the land. The company employs biodynamic methods to enhance plant vitality, drawing from ancient agricultural wisdom that harmonizes with nature’s rhythms. These practices aim to restore balance lost through intensive agriculture.

Fasoli Gino: “We only produce wines that we love drinking”

Fasoli Gino Winery proudly presents its Prime Line, a collection of wines crafted with limited quantities to ensure exceptional quality. Among them, the Corte del Pozzo stands out, embodying the rich history and unique terroir of the region. Inconfondibili these distinctive wines are an unmistakable blend of challenge and passion, reflecting the dedication and commitment of the winery to excellence.

When you step into Fasoli Gino’s winery, you’ll find a refreshing absence of pretense. Instead, you’ll be greeted by the comforting aroma of the countryside: vineyards meticulously tended yet surrounded by lush greenery. Geese roam freely, playing a vital role in maintaining vineyard health by foraging on grass and insects. These noble birds are even revered, appearing on the labels of Fasoli Gino’s La Corte del Pozzo wine line. Amidst this rustic charm, Fasoli Gino combines tradition with innovation, employing cutting-edge equipment and daring technological experiments. Notably, they’ve perfected the appassimento method, crafting wines from non-traditional varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir, some even as single varietals.

Experience the Magic: Winery Tour and Wine Tasting

A winery tour allows guests to discover all the places in which the magic of wine starts. Besides visiting the vineyards and the barrel cellar, visitors can also taste the full range of Fasoli wines in the atmospheric setting of the Wine Shop. Book your visit on the website!