Dry Martini by Javier De Las Muelas Barcelona #133

Spain Barcelona
Dry Martini was opened 45 years ago. In the begining, when the founder of mixology, Don Pere Carbonell, ran it, the Dry Martini Cocktail Bar was a Martinería: only served Dry Martini.Nominations 2023-2024/The Visiting Card of the Country/Must Visit/
Carrer Aribau, 162-166
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Dry Martini Barcelona — An Icon of the World of Mixology

Dry Martini was opened 45 years ago. In the beginning, when the founder of mixology, Don Pere Carbonell, ran it, the Dry Martini Cocktail Bar was a Martinería: only served Dry Martini. There followed other cocktails like the Negronis, Whiskey Sours, Gin Fizz, Margaritas etc.

When the guru of modern bartenders Javier de las Muelas received his bequest, he wanted to maintain the essence of a classic cocktail bar – he maintained the English style of a cocktail bar: leather, wood and brass; expanded the menu with classical cocktail recreations and its famous new collections of genuine, exclusive and innovative cocktails.

Also, he introduced feminine concepts and touches in the cocktail world. All, maintaining the cocktail essence that gives its name: Dry Martini. Today, this place is one of the tourist attractions of gastronomic Barcelona. An example is the art collection of the walls dedicated to this famous cocktail.

The Art Collection & The Mix Collection

The Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas, is on The World’s 50 Best Bars list for the seventh year in a row, and 6th best bar of all time achievers worldwide and first for Europe also as the third gin best world bar. In addition to exemplary martinis and other bartending masterpieces, the lion’s share of which were developed by Javier de las Muelas himself, the establishment offers a number of gastronomic delights. Tapas menu will be offered directly in the bar. And for those who are more hungry — excellent dishes in The Speakeasy restaurant, located in the depths of the establishment.

Speakeasy — A Culinary Journey Through Time in the Heart of Barcelona

This emblematic space became the first venue establishing a new concept by using a password to enter the clandestine restaurant. Nowadays a lot of establishments have copied this concept. Hidden in the former Dry Martini warehouse, clandestine restaurant Speakeasy recreates a gastronomic space remembering the popular clandestine establishments that characterized Chicago and New York’s society during the Prohibition Era in the USA in the twenties. A place where mystery and anonymity are synonymous with luxury. A place where privacy is public, the basic is classic and the classic is definitely modern.

Unique Food&Cocktail Pairing Menu of Speakeasy where the creation of the dish is inspired by the cocktail to enjoy a different gastronomic experience at noon or at night enjoying a fine dining. The restaurant’s wine list includes exemplary wines from Spanish regions and other countries of the world. In short, no self-respecting wine tourist can miss this point on the tourist map of Barcelona.

Javier De Las Muelas — A Maestro of Taste

You can write not just an article about this outstanding person, but a book in several volumes. Javier de las Muelas is a bartender, teacher, inventor in his field, dreamer and business genius in the hospitality industry.

In 2019 Javier receives the nomination as a new member of the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy and Nutrition as recognition of his career and as a promoter of heritage and new horizons in the gastronomic field. He receives two great awards for his career such as: the award for the recognition of the sector for his career and his contribution to make the spirits a natural, essential and sublime ingredient at the hands of FEBE Federación Española de Babidas Espirituosas (Spanish Federation of Spirits).

And the “HELEN DAVID LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” the highest award in the world of cocktails in recognition of his career at the 13th annual gala of the SPIRITED AWARDS of THE TALES OF THE COCKTAIL in New Orleans in the most important contest of cocktails worldwide.

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation by Javier de las Muelas: DROPLETS, a new category offering boundless possibilities and sensations.

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