B2B Bacchus Grotto by Edwin Jongsma #173

France Cairanne
Bacchus Grotto is a small romantic B&B located in the vieux village of Cairanne, within walking distance of all facilities. Nominations 2023-2024/The Visiting Card of the Country/Must Visit/
Chemin de la Fontaine, 84290
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Bacchus Grotto: A Divine Retreat in the Heart of Cairanne

Bacchus Grotto is a small romantic B&B located in the vieux village of Cairanne, within walking distance of all facilities. In the 3000m2 gardens you will find enough privacy to enjoy the sun, the tranquility, the view and the heated plunge pool. Their caves offer a unique experience and wonderful cooling during the Provencal summers. They have a wine cave filled with Southern Cotes du Rhone cru wines and serve Table d’Hote.

Greeks pioneered viticulture in Côtes du Rhône, later enhanced by Romans. This versatile wine region, possibly Bacchus’ abode, offers panoramic views and caves for wine storage. Join 21st-century “Bacchants” to pay homage to Bacchus, civilization, fine arts, and wine at Bacchus Grotto — where enjoyment reigns in, around, and atop our caves.

The Cotes du Rhone! A More Than Versatile Wine Region

The southern Côtes du Rhône, rich in Grenache, showcases GSM red blends (grenache, syrah, mourvedre) with powerful notes of pepper, earth, and red/dark fruit, echoed in the rosé. White wines reflect warm summers with apricot, peach, and a hint of almond bitterness. Spanning 200km, this region offers diverse climates, terroirs, and grape varieties, producing captivating wines. Explore for a delightful experience of wine, Provencal lifestyle, climate, and cuisine—a must-visit for red, white, and rosé enthusiasts.

Tailored Experiences in Vaucluse and Provence: Your Gateway to Diverse Adventures at B&B Bacchus Grotto

The activities and places of interest in the Vaucluse and Provence are numerous. Whether you are sporty, like visiting markets, want to soak up museums and culture, taste wines, want to eat good food or if you want to read a book in an easy chair. Too numerous to list everything here. If you choose to stay in B&B Bacchus Grotto, you will receive a tailor-made approach.

As soon as you place a booking with Bacchus Grotto, they will explore all the possibilities this region has to offer together with you. Tailored to your wishes and length of stay. Nothing is too much for Bacchus Grotto, so feel free to ask all your questions. And then it is also more than convenient that Cairanne is located on a 4 department point, so that a variety of activities are within a short distance.

Table d’Hote

Bacchus Grotto distinguishes itself from all the restaurants in the area by offering a unique experience. This experience is reflected in the location and the live cooking preparation of our French Bistro-inspired dishes. Nowhere else in Provence can you enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one in a garden with various caves. How about a table for two in our mini vineyard with a fabulous view? On cooler and wetter days, they serve dinner in our 5.5-meter-high cathedral cave with a bar and wine cellar. Special events such as celebrating a birthday with a larger group, a business dinner, or other group events can be discussed.

They also offer wine pairings and tastings from their own Cave. We have wines from every cru village in the Southern Côtes du Rhône on our menu. They source as much as possible from local suppliers, considering allergies and personal preferences. Their Table d’Hote is open 5 days a week during the high season.

B&B and Rooms

Bacchus Grotto is an exclusive B&B located in the vieux village of Cairanne, within walking distance of all facilities. In the 3000m2 gardens you will find enough privacy to enjoy the sun, the peace, the view and the heated plunge pool. They serve Table d’Hote. And regularly cook on their wood-fired OFYR and Plancha BBQ & Grill. They prepare French Bistro inspired menus. Their caves offer a unique experience and romantic atmosphere during the Provencal summers and winters.

The 9 Cru Villages of the Southern Cotes du Rhone

The southern Côtes du Rhône region, where the Grenache grape rules, has 9 cru villages. Cairanne was the last to join this guild in 2016. Despite the fact that some villages and their vineyards adjoin each other, each cru village has its own specific DNA. And that is what makes wines from this region so interesting.

Every cru village has its cave cooperative. And roughly speaking, you can say that 50% of the grape yield is sold to the cave by the smaller winegrowers. The percentage can of course differ per village. From 20HA there is a good chance that the winegrower manages the entire process himself.

Both the smaller winegrowers and the cave cooperative produce more than good wines and also offer visitors a professional experience and tasting.

Combine your visit to Bacchus Grotto with a visit to the cru wine villages of Cairanne, Rasteau, Vinsobres, Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Beaumes de Venise, Chateauneuf du Pape, Lirac and or Tavel.