Winners 2021-2022

The winners are determined in two stages: the public voting and the evaluation by the panel of judges. As soon as the jury determines the Award Winners, both Voting Winners and Award Winners will be announced on the website. Keep up with our updates!

Voting Winners

The winners of the voting will be announced on the WTA website on March 31, 2022.

Voting Winners
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Award Winners

The names of the Award Winners, determined by the competent jury, will be announced on May 1, 2022

Award Winners
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What will the award winners gain


Promotion on the international market in two directions: tourism – for inviting enogastronomic tourists, and export – for drawing the Winner’s product to attention of the world market professionals (importers, buyers, sommeliers, restaurateurs, etc.)


A wide advertising campaign in print and digital resources, as well as representation at testings and presentations under the Wine Travel Awards program.


The image improvement in the community of influencers – nominees and partners of the Wine Travel Awards.


Educational prizes and awards from the sponsors of the award.

Advertising tools

By joining the Wine Travel Awards community, partners, sponsors and nominees gain access to the WTA advertising and marketing tools, which are used to form individual campaigns for one year.

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Prizes and awards

Coming soon

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